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 Sniff Codes

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PostSubject: Sniff Codes   Sniff Codes Icon_m10Sun 22 Jul 2012, 03:38

Here is a "how-to" guide for editing your sniff. That uses the basics of HTML coding in order to change the layout, and make it more personalised, like a sniff should be.

Making Text Bold, Italic, Underlined, centred or Block Quote.

<b>Text here will become bold.</b>
<i>Text here will become italic.</i>
<u>Text here will become underlined.</u>
<center>Text here will be centred.</center>


Font size
The easiest way to do this is for example:

<font size="7">Your text here will become size 7 font.</font>

Note: The default html font size is "3", and once you hit font size "7" or higher it will just mark the font as being "large" and your font will be the largest it can be changed using pure html font tag attributes.


Changing the font.
This is achieved like this:

<font face="Georgia">The text here will be the custom font you edited it to be.</font>

You can only use Web based fonts for this
Here is a link of a list of web based fonts.


Changing font colours.
Now onto changing colours of the text in your sniff. There are two ways of going about it. One is just using the colour's name, other is using it's "hex code" Or known better as "HTML Colour codes"

<font color="red">Text in here will become red.</font>

However the only problem with that is it's not true red. it'll display the closest colour it can.

It's best to use the HTML codes for picking colours
Here is a link to hopefully help you find the HTML code, for the colour you wish.

HTML colour code example.

<font color="#FF0000">Your font here will become red.</font>


Now adding images.
Putting a basic image in a sniff is simple enough. There's only one way to do it so this section will be short.


<img src="Image URL link goes here">

Tiny pic, is the most commonly used image hosting site, you can also use dA links, as long as it's your on stuff or you've got permission to use the image. There are however plenty of other image hosting sites.

Now for making the image click-able you just have to add a few lines and a link:

<a href="The web page URL you want to link it to goes here"><img src="The image URL you want to show in your sniff goes here"></a>


Links are fairly quick and easy. The code is simple


<a href="Link URL here">Text here will become click-able.</a>

Now you can also change the font color of the click-able text to whatever colour you like by simply adding the "<font>" tag:


<a href="Link URL here"><font color="#FF0000">This font will become red and click-able.</font></a>
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Sniff Codes

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