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 Extra Admin Rules.

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PostSubject: Extra Admin Rules.   Extra Admin Rules. Icon_m10Mon 12 Feb 2018, 12:11

Below is a list of rules, that admins must follow, these rules are not bannable ones, however they are rules and MUST be followed by ALL staff members.
If one fails to follow any of these rules below, it is enough to get them demoted and put on the 'No-Go' list for who can apply or be part of the staff here, this could also affect their tries on other Chatland sites, as the 'No-Go' list will be shared with other sites, it's up to the site if they chose to allow them or not.

Note: 'No Go' lists, are what other places call 'blacklists', we find 'No-Go' more cultural friendly.

If you find anyone of the admins breaking the rules listed below, please report them to the site Mascot Techah, through a private message, either on the forum or chat. NEVER post a report publicly.

Proof of chatlogs MUST be given, if you just report without proof, of course we're not going to take that report seriously, proof is not optional.
Screenshots are welcome as proof also.

Keep in mind with some rules such as the Welcome rule, an admin could be busy, give them time to respond, an hour tops.

Were you kicked for being idle? Did you receive a whisper to make sure you were really 'dead'?  
Report it!

Did you receive a 'welcome' in the form of a 'hi' or 'welcome' or any greeting once you entered the room within ten minutes?
Report it!
Note: You can see if you were whispered when you're kicked.
Click here to see. Yes that's in a non-active room, we will ask the staff member if they whispered also, if they claim they did and you claim they did not, then further looking into it will be done.

Did an admin enter the room you were in and say anything to you?
Did they just sit in the room silently?
Report it!

Be aware, the reports will not be taken lightly, if you report a staff member just because you 'want to' or you 'dislike them' and they've done nothing wrong, it could result in yourself being reported and banned, faults reports with not be tolerated. So please make sure you're 100% sure before reporting.

- Connection Issues; if an admin has them, and sent a PM to Techah, as soon as they could, the report will not be valid, cannot help if someone has issues with the connection.
- They will receive one and only one warning about breaking the Welcome and Greetings rules, after that, they will be removed from the team, without a warning.
- Away messages are not an excuse for them to break the Welcome rule, they must greet you within an hours time.

Now, here are the rules! This is not a list of every single rule an admin has to follow, it's just HTC's 'Extra Admin Rules', we have.

1. Admins are not permitted to swear.
Light swearing, such as 'damn' is alright, but should be avoided when you can.
Strong cussing like the 'F' word, Bitch, Cunt, Ass and so on, cannot be used in public chat by admins, you can whisper them to friends who know you well, but as long as you're on HTC, on or off duty, and in your admin account, swearing is not allowed.

2. The 'welcoming rule.'
If you're not away from your computer and you can see clearly someone has entered, you must welcome them by saying 'hello' or some other form of greeting. If you're busy dealing with a report, of course you don't have to welcome someone you see enter immediately, when you're done, then please do so.
However I know a lot have more than one tab open, and that's fine, we all have lives, as long as you put you're 'semi' or 'busy' just one of them words, no other details needed, then missing welcoming someone, if you honestly was on another tab and didn't see them enter, is perfectly fine. However when you see them, greet them and let them know you was busy.

3. The 'greeting rule.'
When you're entering a room users are present in, do NOT enter the room and say nothing. You MUST say 'hello' or some kind of greeting, do not enter and be silent.
It's polite and professional to say some kind of greeting when you enter a room that has users already occupying it.  

4. Discussing Bans.
User OR admins are not allowed to discuss bans, they can type they was banned, user or admin. But that's as far as they can take it. Under no circumstances, should they ever complain about being banned on another chat and should NEVER give the reason as to why they received a ban. No excuses.

5. Do not complain to users.
Never ever complain to users, how you think the site is being run, if you have a problem, bring it directly to me (Shade), via private message.

6. You can if asked and you have the knowledge of it, answer any question a user has.
It's always polite to answer any question asked, if your able.
Example: If a user asks you something ART related and you know the answer, but not part of the ART. First let them know you're not on the ART, then answer their question.

7. Private room rule.
If you are the ONLY admin online, you are not to be in a private room, even if asked by a user to join, say no, in the politest way. Unless you're called there for a reporting reason, after you've dealt with the report, you must, if you're the only admin online, go back to the public rooms.

8. More Than One Admin In A Room.
Simply put, yes that's allowed, I've had another admin come to me and say a user complained that, having more then one admin in a room was stupid ect, but you know what? I don't really see it as such, there's a call button if there's no admin in your room, and admins have other admin friends, and to restrict them to not be able to be in the same room, honestly, I think that wouldn't be fair at all. So, yes more than one admin in a room is allowed.

9. Idle Admins.
Some admins may go idle for many reason, one for me, losing connection from the Internet, and I surely do not want my 'ghost' hanging around, getting calls from users trying to report only to get no response.
So, if you're able to, yes, you're more than welcome to kick an idle admin, you just MUST make sure they're not really busy with dealing with a report, so give them a polite 'nudge' via Whisper, like you would with users, to make sure they're still there, just busy with a report or other things.

10. Being Absent.
If you're going to be absent for a week or even just 3 days, you must let everyone on the team know, so we know there's not going to be many admins online. Also as a must, if you're going to be away, turn your sub OFF, put it on free. Don't leave the site paying for you when you're not even here.

11. Admins Role Playing.
A few sites don't allow their admins to 'role play.' I find that kind of wrong, more so if they're a really passionate RPer, so as far as that stands, of course admins here can RP, of course, they must keep it to RP rooms and such.

12. Users Asking you to Kick them.
In short, you're not allowed to just kick a user if they ask. You're by all means never to abuse the kicking ability. Only ever kick when it's 100% needed.

13. Keep your status, up-to-date.
Please keep your status, up-to-date! It can  be found in the resources forum. Or by clicking here.

14. Whisper before you kick.
If you find someone that's idle over our idle times, whisper them a warning first, give them two minutes to respond to the whisper, if they don't respond, kick them.
Example: Extra Admin Rules. 2_by_fezsinner-dc2wbir
What to put in the kick reason: 'Idle time: 00:33:11'

15. Private rule.
-Private rule only admins may know.-

16. Name restriction.
Admins; Helpers, Gammas, Betas, Alphas, are only allowed to change their name once every twelve months. No acceptions. This rule is implemented as of 10th of March, 2018. Name changes after said date now are restricted to the 12 Month wait.

Welcome rules scenarios

In the scenarios below, Poltergeist is in her alternate account UKZ, playing the role of a 'normal user' or in this case the 'bad guy user that reports'. And myself in 'Shade' account just being myself in my admin role.

---Scenario one on the Welcome rule, being reported---

User's report:
I entered a room an admin was in and I didn't get a greeting right away! So I'm reporting them!
Here are the logs!
[11:33am] UKZ: just entered
[11:33am] Shade: just entered
[11:34am] Shade is away: I am a bit busy, responses will be slow
[11:40am] Shade: Oh sorry, I was busy on the forum, greetings there. =]

Response to this:
I see they did greet you, the rule is that they make sure to greet you, not to do it instantly as you enter, please take into consideration their away message, or if they're in AFK pose or they maybe just a little busy, give them a few minutes. =]

Why was that ok?
The admin responds, sure it's slowly, but they EXPLAINED why they took a little to greet the user. Letting them know you were busy, is a must, sure it seems obvious with the away message or AFK pose, but it's just common courtesy to explain them know too.

Admin: But I'm doing something private, only admins can know about.
Ah, that's when you can just type; 'sorry I was busy with admin duties.' Or if you just don't want to type what you was doing, just type; 'sorry for me late response, was a bit busy'. You don't have to 'carbon copy' these responses, you're more than welcome to change them up, as long as they give the same information.

---Scenario two on the Welcome Rule, being reported---

I entered a room an admin was in and I didn't get a greeting me at all, they don't look busy, as they were not in AFK pose or had an away message.
Here are the logs!
[11:33am] UKZ: just entered
[11:33am] Shade: just entered
[11:40am] UKZ: No hi for me then?

And here's a screenshot, to show they was not in AFK pose when I entered!

Response to this:
Oh this is disappointing, thank you for bring that to my attention, I will see to this.

Why was that screenshot accepted?
It shows as they typed the 'No hi for me then?', and the chatlogs show the time they typed that, if they gave a screenshot that was just this: click here. I'd not accept that screenshot, as the admin could have been when they entered IN AFK pose and recently changed. I do not 'blindly trust' users, when reports of not following the two above rules comes into play. Or if they just provided the screenshot even the one with words, but not chatlog, I'd not accept that unless it showed the chatlog and times.

Greetings rules scenario

In the scenario below, Poltergeist is in her alternate account UKZ, playing the role of a 'normal user'. And myself playing a 'normal user' in my alterant account Ford. We are both just 'acting/role playing here', however, what we typed in whispers is the view of the majority of users, NOT all, but the high percentage so I've noticed anyway. And myself in 'Shade' account just being myself in my admin role.

---Scenario on the Greeting Rule, being reported---

Hey! You're admins are meant to greet or something, when they enter a room right? Well this one didn't, so thought I'd report.
Here is the logs!
[12:00pm] Shade: just entered
[12:00pm] Ford: How is your story going?
[12:02pm] UKZ: Oh it's going slowly but ok thank you. ^^ How is yours going?
[12:02pm] Ford: Oh awesome can't wait to read it! 8D Ohh uhh it's going yep somewhere >.>
[12:03pm] UKZ: Aw, touched that you can't. ^^ Lol, oh well that's a good thing, as long as it isn't going lost? XD
[12:04pm] Ford: Daw of course, sure can't! ^^ Lol oh yeah uhh might be lost ">.>

[12:05pm] Ford: Wow that admin is rude huh? Entering and not saying anything? D=
[12:05pm] UKZ: Yeah, makes me feel uneasy, it's like they're just spying or watching us. <.<; Should we report?
[12:06pm] Ford: Uhg yeah I'm not comfortable here anymore, want to switch rooms too? And yeah lets report them!

Response to this:
Yes our staff here is required to greet as they enter. Oh I see, thank you for reporting this, it will be handled.

There's really no excuse to not say a quick 'hi' before you enter, it's like someone entering your house, and not speaking. It's rude and looks unprofessional. If you have connection problems and disconnect, and re-enter the same room, if you enter the room and not do the greeting, that is NOT acceptable, you don't need to explain why you entered and left, unless you want to or are asked.

They're both simple and easy to follow through with, so that's why I'm so strict on them, that and they make a user feel welcome!


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Extra Admin Rules.

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