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 New Colours

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PostSubject: New Colours   Fri 02 Nov 2012, 12:00

Update: By default, 'new colours', is always selected.

If you do not have 'new colours' selected/checked in your sniff, you'll see that you chat box/bar/log changes to the OLD version.

A look at the two difference below.
NOTE: You MUST refresh your page/window to make the changes come into effect.
WARNING: It will give you this message: * You must leave and reenter the room to see the color changes * That message will come once you save, it may or may not make your chatlog refresh/erase.
And yes I know in this I spell colours with a 'u' but in the sniff options its 'colors.'

First where it's located in your sniff.

Now with 'New Colours' selected/checked, here is how your chat box/log/bar looks.

Your pose list while 'New Colours' is selected/checked.


Now  the chat box/bar/log with the 'New Colours' not selected/checked.

And the Pose list, when 'New Colours' is not selected/checked.


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New Colours

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