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 New Chat Client 'Tutorial'

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PostSubject: New Chat Client 'Tutorial'   New Chat Client 'Tutorial' Icon_m10Tue 23 Apr 2013, 16:04

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is still on BETA TESTING, so it'll be glitchy, not work the same for everyone, so please keep that in mind before you try 'reporting' a bug due to this new feature =)

Hello guys ^_^ time for another tutorial on a new feature, UD has gave the chatlands, hope this helps. If you have any questions about this new feaure please remember, we know as much as you do about it, we're not fully 'up-to-date' with every change UD does to the chats, but we'll try and answer any questions you have.


New Chat Client 'Tutorial' Intro_by_shade_sinner-dc5tke6

'Talk' Area and 'Chat History' 'indicator':
New Chat Client 'Tutorial' Intro1_by_shade_sinner-dc5tkdy

'New' Button:
New Chat Client 'Tutorial' 1_by_shade_sinner-dc5tkfl
New Chat Client 'Tutorial' 1bit_by_shade_sinner-dc5tkfb

New Chat Client 'Tutorial' 2_by_shade_sinner-dc5tkey
WARNING: Clicking 'OK' on this will make you refresh

After the force refresh:
New Chat Client 'Tutorial' 3_by_shade_sinner-dc5tken

Now you've changed your chat to this 'new client' here's a little video to show what the 'new client' does.
(P.S: don't mind my fails or near fails in this XD)
Click here to see the video.
(Please note: you'll have to put the quality on 480p, and go full screen to see the words clearly.)
Click here to see UD's tutorial.


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New Chat Client 'Tutorial'

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