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 How To Get A Pose!

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PostSubject: How To Get A Pose!   How To Get A Pose! Icon_m10Mon 23 Jul 2012, 00:06

Want to know: "Where do I get poses?" or "How do I get a pose?" At some point most of us do. So here is a quick guide to getting poses. If any of this confuses you, or you just still "don't get it" contact a admin/the staff in either a Private Message on here or on chat, or post in this thread.

This guide has several sections: (That will be coded with colours in hopes it helps you with following it.)
#1.) Summary of the rules of choosing and obtaining a pose
#2.) Types of poses
#3.)The difference between, Grayscales, Outlines, Premades and Customs(Commissions).

Summary of the rules of choosing and obtaining a pose
1) Make sure you can use it. Having a Free Subscription, means you cannot use the pose, only Paid Subscriptions can use poses.
2) Make sure it's allowed on The chatslands/Heitehu.
3) Be polite and respectful. No one likes to be spammed and/or annoyed, constantly with asking in rooms (on chat), most artists, don't like to be asked in rooms (on chat), they rather be contacted on the forums. Spamming or harassing users on the forums or in the chat can get you banned. You won't get much by asking "can sum1 make me a pose plz!!" Though you've said 'please' you did so in 'text speak' not many like that type of typing, when you ask use FULL WORDS, if you cannot spell well that's fine, =] but always be polite!

Types of poses
There is three main types of poses: Freebies, Premades, and Customs(Commissions).

The difference between, Grayscales, Outlines, Premades and Customs(Commissions).
Freebies can be used by anyone, they sometimes have restrictions on where you can use them. Example, some freebies cannot be used on MR (Mystical Realms), the rules of the freebie is listed before the pose under the title 'Rules (Unless stated otherwise by the artists):' then the list of rules, they are pretty straight forward.
They usually come in "grayscale" or "outline" form.
A grayscale is just a pose with shading, that has no colour, is only white. Until you colour it and make the pose into your character by adding it's markings.

An outline is a pose with no shading, it's just plain white (sometimes different colours), these allow you to shade the pose yourself, or you can just leave it.

Premades are poses artists make and then sell, you can buy them with either deltas (if the artist accepts payment with them) or real money (most artists accept USD: United States Dollar). Some artists limit where their Premades may be used, like the Freebies, the Premades have rules as to where they allow them. To use real money, PayPal is how they are paid for. Or some artist take 'snail mail' money you send to them via the post, though it's not recommended to pay that way, as we all know things get lost in the mail. Using PayPal (PP), is easy, the artist gives you their email address, you use that to send(transfer) the money from your PayPal to them.
PayPal: Click here.

Customs (Commissions)
Customs are made especially for someone of their character and what they'd like the character doing (Laying hugging a plushie ect.). Like Premades they usually cost either deltas (if the artist accepts payment with them) or real money. (Paid for the same way as Premades.) Only the person who ordered the custom (Unless it was ordered as a gift for another user) can use the pose. Like Freebies and Premades, some artists don't allow their art on other chats or sites.

Here is a example of a Grayscaled and a Outlined pose.
How To Get A Pose! Laypose_zps191a65dc_by_ukz-dc5tsk2

How To Get A Pose! Whpose_by_ukz-d9uo3c9
Example (c) Poltergiest/UKZ, a freebie that can be found here.


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How To Get A Pose!

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