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 Uploading Pose Rules.

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PostSubject: Uploading Pose Rules.   Uploading Pose Rules. Icon_m10Tue 10 Feb 2015, 11:08

Pose uploading rules.

1. Permission.
There must be a permission link, clearly showing YOU/your CHATLANDS name has permission to use the pose. If you’ve changed your name since the permission has been put on the pose, you MUST link back to either Here or here (showing the page of where you’ve declared your name change.)
Please Note: That's is only if the name on the permissions has not been updated by the artist.

2. Photobucket links.
Photobucket links are not acceptable unless they’re from here you must also show where you found the Photobucket link.

3. DeviantART links.
DeviantART links, are closely looked at, to make sure the link you’re giving isn’t from someone on dA stealing the art and posting it on their dA, so take note; if you use a dA link, your pose will take longer to be reviewed. This ties in with rule one, the link must have in the dA’s artist description your CHATLANDS name under the permissions, NOT your dA name. Please know the Sta.sh feature on DeviantArt, it not an acceptable link method for proof. Unless it's clear the original artists is the owner of that Sta.sh, because YOU know the Chatland user's DA doesn't mean everyone does, please provide proof the DA is indeed the Chatlands artist, if it is that way. Know that screenshots of another users Sta.sh, is not acceptable proof either, must be a LINK to the Sta.sh, not a screenshot.

4. Sizing.
If the pose is a chibi it will be smaller than the ‘average’ wolf/species it represents, so please keep that in mind; that chibis here are something that’d be accepted, as long as it’s not the same size as a ‘normal’ wolf/species it represents, they are more the size (accepted on this site) of a domestic cat.

Size charts can be found by click here.

5. Backgrounds. (Referring to poses only).
The background must be transparent on poses, or "see-through/invisible". Poses mustn’t have a background at all.

6. File types.
Only .GIF and .PNG poses are acceptable. We do not accept animated .GIFs. The maximum file size is 150 KB (153,600 bytes).

7. Loose Pixels.
Poses with loose pixels (pixels outside of the pose/lineart) will not be accepted. Even 1 loose pixel is enough to have a pose rejected. In some cases, loose pixels may go along with the pose (fleas, shadow, fading effect, smoke effect, pose noticing loose pixels, etc.). Then and then only are they acceptable.

8. Adult Material.
Overly suggestive poses are not accepted. PG-13 only. For example, a ‘naked’ anthro would not be acceptable; a pose with any genitals showing will not be accepted. Poses may feature large breasts so long as there is something covering them, NOT just the nipple. No poses may contain reproductive organs or other overly sexual materials. Sheaths are fine, as long as they cover ALL the genitals.

Overly suggestive examples; would include a female/male wolf touching themselves OR a plushie OR puzzle pose ‘partner’ in inappropriate places.

As for weaponry, swords, knives, bows, etc., can be used so long as they are not being directed at others in a harmful manner. Examples of this would be a wolf cutting it’s self with a knife. Bloody weaponry is not allowed if it is being pointed at someone (or themselves). Gun poses are not to be used if they are being pointed at someone (or themselves) in a harmful manner. Things like Nerf guns (example; toy guns, that clearly look like toys), are just fine to be pointed at others (or themselves). If they are being used in a humours way, and the other doesn’t mind, then they are fine.

9. Shading.
Simply put, we DO NOT accept poses without shading. The shading cannot be too dark, to the point it is hard to recognise lines or markings on the pose.

10. Vulgar.
No poses may contain language that is inappropriate. Cursing is not allowed on poses. Racial bashing, ‘gay bashing’ ect., is not allowed on poses, full stop. The term ‘noob’ is acceptable, however if you use the pose to abuse another user in any manner, you will receive a week ban and result in the pose being removed from your list, same applies for poses with ‘Insta’ or any other term for instant mating users.

11. Colour.
Now here on HTC, we do not care if your character has crazy markings with crazy colours, as long as they are nothing like a ‘rainbow’ covering the whole pose/characters body, solid black, is NOT accepted, as it covers the lineart, making the lineart a different colour, to make it seen through the black is NOT acceptable. Also, if the pose contains a item, for example, a MP3 Player/iPod, it MUST be coloured, it cannot be left uncoloured, and it cannot be colour over by the character’s markings.

12. Lineart.
A pose MUST have a SOLID outline, and must be black or clearly seen if the lineart closely matches the characters colours. Unacceptable outlines are very thick, broken, containing loose pixels along the outside of them, are neon (or bright in colour), or are white and don't match the pose whatsoever. The pose can be lineless, giving it has adequate shading (for example, shading clearly showing the structure of the animal).

13. Copyrighted Character.
Meaning, characters from Anime’s, books, TV shows, Movies ect., they must be used as a plushie only, however your character can be ‘dressed’ in the style of the copyrighted character, IE; clearly wearing a suit or clothing or wig ect. As long as your character is still recognisable and able to be seen, it’s fine. Characters heavily referenced from copyrighted characters are acceptable, as long as your character doesn’t look 100% like the copyrighted character, for example, if your character is a cat but has the markings from a Pokemon, such as Jolteon, that is fine. However if it’s a ‘carbon copy’ of the Pokemon, IE, has the spiked-fur same body shade ect., that is NOT acceptable.

14. Inanimate Objects as a Pose.
Most chat sites do not allow inanimate objects under anything but mythical. However, we believe it is fine for users to have inanimate objects (as long as they follow the rules, no vulgar not used to abuse other users).  

15. Plushies, and Pets.
Poses may only contain one character if there is other characters they must be in form of a plushie. Characters may have a "pet," however you must specify/detail that the other animal is indeed a pet and NOT another character. Plushies may be up to twice the size of the average wolf, but no larger.

16. Flipping or Mirroring.
A pose must be flipped, and correctly, it cannot be facing the same direction, if the pose contains words/letter/numbers, they must be flipped correctly also, they cannot be ‘backwards.’ Both flipped poses must be the same character with the same posing, for example; you cannot have one pose being one character and the other side/flipped image being a different character, they must match pose and character wise. Now that doesn’t mean the markings must be identical, if your character has different markings on one side to the other, that’s fine, but it cannot be a dramatic difference as to one side being ‘natural colours’ and the other being ‘rainbow colours’ unless they flow nicely together.

17. Correct Category. (‘Avatar type’).
Your pose must be put in the correct ‘avatar type’ or ‘category.’
For example. If your character is a cat, it must be put in the 'feline' category. However is the feline has wings, or anything else unnatural, if must be placed in the 'mythical' category.

19. Image 'stock phots' On a pose or in a room.
If you see a pose with say an image of a blue sky as the characters 'markings' and it's one that they clearly got from Google, (it's a photo ect), then they must provide a link to show they can use that photo ect. Show that it's free for use.

20. No Human character/poses or too human like Anthros.
Heitehu is a land where the humans and anything related to them has 'died out', we'd like to keep to our 'origin story', so we do not allow human character/poses, nor do we allow poses that are Anthros but look more human than animal.
For example, if the Anthro pose has a human face, it will get rejected. If it just had 'hands' and not paws, that's ok. As long as it doesn't look like a human that just has fake animal parts attached, such as ears and tails.

For a more detailed look on the rules, click here.
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Uploading Pose Rules.

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