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 Pose sizing chart.

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PostSubject: Pose sizing chart.   Pose sizing chart. Icon_m10Sun 12 Nov 2017, 23:51

Here are the canine size charts. More coming soon.

Feral canine chart:
Pose sizing chart. Size_chart_by_fezsinner-dbtshx5

Larger feral canine, this chat is if you have a Dire wolf, or your wolf is larger than the 'average wolf' size, it cannot be over the size of this chat, even if your wolf is larger:
Note: Please state that your character/pose you are uploading, is of dire wolf size, if you don't, it'll be rejected for being too large.

No Anthro chart, Anthro poses and human poses are not allowed on Heitehu.

How do you use these charts?
By using the lines as a guide, if your pose is sitting, bring your pose onto the size chart (after saving it to your computer), put its head level with the sitting line, if it goes over the baseline, dark blue bottom, it's too large, simple 'rinse and repeat' this.

Warning, very large images!
Click here for a tutorial.
Tips for using the 'move tool'.
Sizing a pose on the chart.

Click here to see a better example, of why not to use the cropped chart sized example. Left is the chat cropped version, right is the original pose resized, from the chart's sizing.

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Pose sizing chart. 38fHjcG
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Pose sizing chart. Empty
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Pose sizing chart.

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